Liao Qian 廖倩

b. 1998 in Guangzhou, China
based in New York, homeland of the Lenape

I’m a multitalented artist. I practice visual art, billingual writing and dance.

Investigating the powers of image-making and non-verbal communication is where my passion lands. Why talk if we can sing instead?

Proud survivor claiming space on earth.

Formerly known as Joss Liao.

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   Nüwa Project/女娲计划      
   Poetic Encounters/诗意偶遇    


Dance videos:

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oil pastel on 11” by 17” paper, 2022


glazed ceramics, 2022

To Be A Bird
enameled copper, wire, 2021

Mourning a Wildfire 悼念一场野火
3 minute video, 2021
poetry, guitar and singing by me, production assisted by Mingcheng Song, english subtitles/translation by Em Wang

Clock 山丘时钟
Kiln formed glass, copper nails, clock mechanism, copper foil, 2020

The Shine (material experiment no.64)

Kiln formed glass, copper nails, 2018

Hey, honey, can you hear me?
2 minute video, 2017
prop: hot worked glass sticks, performed by me and Gigi Yin